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Through different styles and techniques of dance and body expression, you will be able to better know your body and its possibilities of movement and expression (body communication).

Your confidence will be boosted and you can learn to push your limits while having fun. Your body will be toned, energized, relaxed and strengthened. 


Dance is one of the important tools to provide you with asupport for overall health

We will build together a personalized program, adapted to your needs and wishes.

Thus, you will be able to explore several styles of dance: hip-hop, modern, Latin, ethnic, body percussion, Michael Jackson, Irish... and choose the one that makes you vibrate the most, if you want to deepen a particular technique.New in 2023: mother-baby dance -->Info and registrations

To dance is to tell without words. 

"Dancing is one of the most perfect forms of communication with infinite intelligence". paulo Coelho

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