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Health is in your hands

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May you discover the magic of the human body, your body, your health and realize that you are responsible for it. (Don't confuse responsibility with guilt!).

The body is constantly in search of homeostasis, it is programmed to restore it. When it weakens, there are always reasons (believing in fatality is an illusion and a loss of responsibility). You can take action to preserve your health and to regain balance when it shifts. You have the power to contribute to your healing. To be fully and actively involved in it.

There are different simple and natural ways: reflexology is one of them.

It allows you to strengthen immunity, eliminate toxins, stimulate circulation, regulate the acid-base level, dissipate stress and much more...


In each treatment, personalized and adapted to your needs, you are the protagonist of your global healing journey.



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Who am I?

Monica Medaina

Monica Medaina

Teacher, therapist, artist, passionate about creation, communication and self-expression.

Graduated from the HEP of Rovereto, Italy, in 1997.

Graduated from the Bayly school of reflexology, in Lausanne, in 2009.

I followed three levels of training in Dien Chan and I continue to train myself, enrich my skills and develop my own techniques.

I just finished a CAS in positive psychology.

In my role as a therapist, I want to accompany the consultants towards a path made of self-listening, taking charge and involvement in the process of homeostasis.

Global support, based on various techniques and approaches, allows everyone to be able to reconnect with themselves and learn how to take care of themselves, in prevention, as when symptoms appear.

There is always something magical in every sharing, in every journey, in every story...

Whether it's a baby, a child, a young person, an adult and even an animal, I offer a personalized treatment journey that meets your needs, resources and possibilities. .


Letonvonesta, Monica Medaina, ZI du Trési 3 A, 1028 Préverenges, +41 79 452 10 36 -

Nom de l'entreprise: Létonvonesta, la santé est entre vos mains
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