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Being fulfilled at's possible!

Why is school not easy and enjoyable for everyone? Why do some children fail to integrate, to adapt, to achieve the objectives? Are they having problems? Are they limited?

The answer is simple: it is not the children who are dysfunctional, but the system, the school.

A school that asks everyone to achieve the same things, to achieve the same goals, is a limited and limiting school. This is the school of formatting.

Each child is unique, talented on many different levels! Each child can shine with their own light and together with others bring a magnificent spectacle of colors to life!


Starting from your child's potential, his strengths, I offer personalized support, which will allow him to get to know himself, to accept himself, to believe in his abilities and his possibilities, to know how to nourish his strengths with enthusiasm and necessary motivation to welcome one's weak points in order to transform them and thus go beyond one's limits. A journey on the path to fulfillment.

After a first assessment session, we will define together the frequency and the duration of the journey, during which you, the parents, will be called upon to contribute to the development of your child, in an active way, through individual personal work, as a couple and with family.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you and bringing joy and serenity to your child's school life.




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